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Regional Project Disaster Waste

Disaster Waste Management

The intensity and frequency of natural disasters such as tropical cyclones are evidently increasing in the Pacific. When these natural disasters occur large amounts of waste are generated from damage to both the natural and man-made environment.

Project Description

PacWastePlus is assisting PWP Participating countries to mainstream disaster waste management into the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) by implementing activities identified in the Regional Disaster Waste Management Guideline (RDWMG). The purpose of this regional project is to provide technical guidance documents and templates that will assist participating countries to implement key waste management activities in each of the disaster management cycles.

What will this project do?

This regional project will utilise the Regional Disaster Waste Management Guidelines to develop:

  • Terms of Reference for the establishment of an Environment Sector Working Group (Cluster) within National Disaster Management Framework to ensure timely and effective implementation of disaster Waste Management Response and Recovery
  • Develop Drafting/Guiding Notes on how to draft National and Community Disaster Waste Management Plans
  • Establish a Disaster Waste Training Manual for use by each participating country at both the National and Community level

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pacific Region is vulnerable to Natural Disaster
  • Enhance countries resilience to disaster
  • Proper management of waste generated from natural disasters.

1.Project to be implemented in a pilot county:

  • Waste Management Cluster within NDMO
  • Develop and implement National Disaster Plan
  • Partnership Agreements with stakeholders
  • Training of first responders/ local officers

2.From the learnings of the Pilot project appropriate resources will be developed to assist other countries:

  • Development of Guidelines (on establishment of Waste Management Cluster, Practitioner guideline, drafting National Disaster Waste Management Framework, and Partnership Agreement for effective management of DW)
  • Development of Training Manual on DWM