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PacWastePlus is delivering projects both regionally, and directly in each participating country.

How we are assisting the countries and the region with improved waste management?

PacWastePlus is investing in country and regional projects that support and improve waste management and positive environmental outcomes for businesses, community groups, and social enterprises. The PacWastePlus team has worked closely with government teams from each country to develop projects that will assist with the efficient and effective management of waste in the region.

Country Projects
Regional Projects
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Our Projects

Where are our projects being implemented?

Country Projects

How we are assisting Countries with improved waste management?

Regional Projects

How we are assisting the Region with improved waste management?

Does your company provide waste management and recycling technological support?

We are interested in providing member countries with easy to access information on companies that either accept waste materials, or can supply waste management technology – register your companies details here.