Animated Video 2: Establishing an Environment Sector Working Group

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PacWaste Plus and University of Newcastle
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Disaster Waste
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The SPREP implemented and European Union funded PacWaste Plus programme recognises that Pacific Island countries are prone to disaster and climate risks, such as cyclones, landslides, flooding, drought, earthquakes and even tsunamis. Natural disasters are associated with the generation of large volumes of waste, damaging waste management facilities, and disruption to waste services, thus, posing a risk to public health through direct or vector-induced exposure.

The PacWaste Plus Team is implementing a regional project to establish Practitioner Guidelines that will assist Pacific Island countries to mainstream disaster waste management into national disaster management frameworks. The programme engaged the University of Newcastle to establish the following guidelines; Template for National Disaster Management Plan with Instruction Guideline, Guideline on the establishment of Environment Management Cluster and Standard Estimation Methodology on calculating volume of disaster waste.

PacWaste Plus has developed the following animation video as a part of a series, that inform users of the developed guidelines:

Animated Video 2: Establishing an Environment Sector Working Group
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