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Country Project Niue


Niue seeks to utilise PacWastePlus investment and assistance to support the implementation of an effective Sustainable Financing system for recoverable and recyclable items and e-waste management.

Project Description

Current situation

Items are imported into Niue but there are limited viable options for their end-of-life management and/or export. As such, most items imported are disposed of at landfills or stockpiled on vacant land. End-of-life electronic items are building up in unmanaged stockpiles – causing environmental pollution and health risks.

What is the Niue project About?

The Department of Environment Niue seeks to utilise PacWastePlus support (in combination with the Australian Government-funded Recycle Facility, and the GEF ISLANDS project, and the Ridge-to-Reef projects) to develop and implement a “Plan for the Sustainable Management of Waste in Niue” – which includes the design and implementation of a Sustainable Financing system such as an Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit (ARFD).

Activities will include:

  • development and approval of ARFD legislation of a self-financing system to provide a long-term self-funding ability for the Niue DOE to collect and process targeted recyclable*, bulky* and electronic items * in combination with DFaT and GEF ISLANDS projects
  • tools and training to allow for the collection, dismantling, and export of e-waste from Niue
  • awareness programme designed to raise awareness of the ARFD and change household and community waste practices

Future situation

Niue seeks to have an effective and self-funding solution for the collection and recycling of waste items and also to expand the new recycling facility to enable the collection, dismantling, and export of electronic waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • By 2023, have households and communities participating in effective management of recyclable, bulky and electronic items in Niue, including participation in the Sustainable Financing system
  • By 2023, have an e-waste dismantling operation efficiently collecting, processing and exporting targeted electronic items through the provision of equipment and delivery of relevant training
  • By 2022, have a legislative environment in Niue – including the implementation and long-term operation of a Sustainable Financing system – that provides for the cohesive, coordinated, and self-funded management of recyclable, bulky and electronic items
  • Changed global consumption patterns; to a disposable society
  • Limited ability to manage waste in a sustainable way
  • Lack of viable options for end-of-life recovery/recycling of recyclable, bulky, and electronic items
  • Reliance on landfill dumps and stockpiling
  • Sustainable Financing system established in legislation providing a self-funded recycling industry
  • E-waste dismantling operation capturing 90%* of targeted items, resulting in 90% reduction of items in stockpiles or disposed at dumps
  • All households in Niue actively engaged in recyclables management generating income through the redemption of products