Practitioner’s Guideline on Depollution on End-Of-Life Vehicles: Depollution Guideline

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The main objective of this guideline is to provide practitioners in the automotive and waste management industries with a comprehensive and practical resource for executing effective depollution processes. This guideline aims to encompass the entire lifecycle of an end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), from the initial assessment of hazardous components to the final destination of depolluted and hazardous materials.

By outlining step-by-step procedures, safety measures, and disposal protocols, this guideline seeks to minimise environmental contamination and promote the safe handling of hazardous substances. This guide was developed for PacWaste Plus participating countries to address the ELV depollution before being baled and shipped to the designated country where further ELV processing can be done.

The target audience of this guideline are the managers and technicians at the depollution and dismantling site, and other local recycler owner-operators. This guideline does not constitute binding regulation and is developed for advisory purposes alone.
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