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Use this Decision Support Tool as a starting point to understand what type and size of organics management processing may be appropriate for your context.

To use this tool effectively, you will need to gather the following information:

Weight of organic material to be processed
Estimation of "Carbon" v "Nitrogen" ratio of the organic materials to be processed
Main source of Nitrogen material
Budget available for establishing facilities and equipment
Budget is available for ongoing operations (excluding labour)
Labour (staff and volunteers) availability
Level training of staff or volunteers
Level of workshop support for equipment maintenance and servicing
Understanding of sensitivity of surrounding area

The Decision Support Tool provides guidance for obtaining the answers to these questions.

Once you have answered the nine questions, click on the RESULTS tab to identify the possible Organics Management Solutions for your context. Visit the PacWaste Plus Organics Resources page to review your possible organics management solution (or solutions) and further consider its suitability for your context.

If you have very specific constraints for your site, for example, a very small land area available or very constrained budget, this tool may not provide an appropriate solution. Please reach out to the PacWaste Plus team to discuss your needs.
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