Vanuatu Project Profile – Sustainable Financing for Solid Waste Management in Vanuatu: Assistance to Establish a Product Stewardship Scheme

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Waste received at the main Bouffa landfill in Vanuatu is comprised of up to 35% of beverage containers products (aluminium, PET, glass). Beverage containers are also commonly seen as litter and in informal stockpiles or burnt by communities in pits. Vanuatu has had limited success implementing long-term solutions for recovery of recyclable items, due to lack of financing, infrastructure, technical expertise, and formal waste collection services. The Vanuatu Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation (DEPC) views a Sustainable Financing system (known as a Product Stewardship Scheme (PSS)) as a solution to enable the collection and management of recyclable items. The DEPC, with the support of Donors and a Working Group of interested parties, has been developing the PSS since 2017. The DEPC seeks for PacWastePlus to support the completion of additional components of this pathway – with the goal of implementing the PSS.
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