Solomon Islands Project Profile – Improving Solid Waste Management: Diversion of Organic and Recyclables from landfills

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The predominant waste management solution offered in the Solomon Islands is landfilling, and recent audits suggest over half of all the waste to landfill is organic in nature and able to be composted rather than landfilled. A large amount of the remaining materials are recyclable - meaning the design and implementation of diversion projects could significantly reduce the amount of waste to landfills. As such, the Solomon Islands Government seeks to focus the PacWastePlus investment to design and implement an organic processing system to manage organic waste and will commence this work through the collection and processing of all organic wastes generated at the Gizo Market. In addition, the investment will be used to design and implement a sustainable financing system (Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit-ARFD) that will fund the collection and processing of recyclables. The introduction of these waste management systems has the potential to reduce the requirement for landfill space and therefore a substantial cost to the government and councils.
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