Programme Steering Committee Meeting Report 2023

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The Project Steering Committee is established to guide the development and implementation of the PacWaste Plus Programme, ensuring a fair and reasonable decision-making process for project priorities and funding allocations. The committee meets on an annual basis to discuss project activity and confirm forward activity for 12 months. After two years of virtual steering committee deliberations, the 2023 programme Steering Committee Meeting themed, “Turning Commitments into Action” and associated other programme Talanoa and capacity building sessions was held from April 26-28, 2023, in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. SPREP acknowledges the support of the Government of Cook Islands for hosting this important meeting through the Ministry of Infrastructure Cook Islands (ICI) as the meeting Chair and the financial support from EU to enable this meeting to enhance sustainable waste management efforts in the Pacific. This Steering Committee Meeting report contains discussion summaries from deliberations held during the 2023 programme steering committee meeting.
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