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Schools Curriculum Development

Through this regional project we intend to involve and emphasise the important role that schools play as an educational agent sensitising the future generations on waste management

Project Description

We intend to empower teachers by providing technical knowledge on waste and waste management and spread waste management education wide across schools in the region by developing a comprehensive approach through curriculum development. The incorporation into standard school subjects can then be easily undertaken by countries depending on their ability and intention to do so.

What will this project do?

The following activities will be undertaken for the rollout of this regional project:

  • Research existing school curriculum on waste management
  • Development of TOR and engagement of a consultant to develop appropriate curriculums post consultations with countries
  • Mainstreaming into existing school subjects for:
  • Primary school education-problem based activity
  • Secondary school education-culturally responsive
  • Tertiary school education-culturally responsive

Training and capacity building opportunities for teachers

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