News - Mar 23, 2022 Technical Experts to Fill the Data Gap – Organic “Waste” to Organic “Resource”

Organic materials are the most common material landfilled in the region, filling them up and generating methane gas and leachate.

To provide practical solutions that convert organic materials from a problematic “waste” into a valuable ”resource”, PacWastePlus engaged a team of experts to create a framework and decision support process to assist countries to identify an organics processing system suitable for the various situations found in communities throughout the region.

The team includes experts from BioCarbon Soil, the Centre for Recycling of Organic Waste and Nutrients (University of Queensland), and Charton & Bang , who operate a composting facility in NSW and who have supported agricultural enterprises and establishing small to medium scale composting operations.

The team will assist the region by filling data gaps and providing practical “hands-on” information such as design drawings and operation plans to enable construction and operation of appropriate organic facilities, and “step by step” information on effective techniques for composting common Pacific materials.

Outcomes of this work will directly inform the PacWastePlus funded country projects being implemented in Fiji, FSM, and RMI.