News - Mar 21, 2024 Solomon Islands Commence Work on Introducing Product Stewardship Scheme

Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) facilitated the first Technical Working Committee meeting for the introduction of a Product Stewardship Scheme (PSS) for the Solomon Islands. The multi-agency Technical Working Committee is established to support MECDM in the design of Solomon Islands’ PSS, and the establishment of drafting instructions for the associated legal frameworks.

In opening the meeting, MECDM’s Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services Mr. Karl Kuper stated “Today marks the beginning of an important dialogue where we will explore the technical aspects, the operational frameworks, and potential challenges in the introduction of the ARFD system”.

Audits of Solomon Island’s waste stream in 2019 and 2021, identified more than 80% of materials currently landfilled can diverted through the introduction of both recycling and organics management systems.  Following the national plastic ban in 2023, MECDM has identified other key opportunities for managing waste in the Solomon Islands.



“Banning certain single-use plastics where a viable alternative exists was an exciting start for our country to consider the items we are using, and saying no to the ones we don’t need,” says Debra Kereseka Deputy Director Environment,  Environment and Conservation Division, Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management, and Meteorology (MECDM).

Ms. Kereseka further highlighted that it was determined during the drafting of the Plastic Ban Regulations that “many other common waste items are not appropriate to be banned but should be managed through other means.  In particular beverage containers were identified, as a material to be managed through a “deposit-refund” arrangement could incentivise the community to return the items to recycling points and providing financing to assist the recyclers to process and manage the items”.

The Technical Working Committee nominated MECDM as the chair.  SPREP, through the PacWastePlus Programme, is supporting the work on Product Stewardship in the Solomon Islands.