News - Jun 13, 2022 Sistas Developing Apps for Vanuatu Recycling

Recycling in Vanuatu has taken a technological advance with the development of a “Recycle made Fun” App that promotes recycling and rewards good behaviour.

The Asia Pacific Telecommunity Young Professional and Students Programme have been working with young woman in Vanuatu on the SMART Sistas Programme (Sistas Mastering Advanced Real Technology).   A Girls ICT Camp was held in Lenakel, Tanna in May where 32 participants completed three day “Hackathon”.  At the end of the Hackathon, eight apps and websites prototype were created by the SMART Sistas, including apps on recycling, water management, time management, and social media.

The Recycling-made Fun App was developed by a team of SMART Sistas.  The App reminds community members to recycle and records their recycling behaviour.  The app asks what the user has recycled and what they have thrown in the rubbish.  Points are provided for recycling which unlocks different levels and features of the app. The app also provides notes on the importance of recycling and keeps track of your recycling activities’ progress.

Meanwhile, youth in Ifira Community collected 279 100L garbage bags within 1 hour.  All garbage bags were removed from the coastal areas and disposed to landfill.

The Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation is developing a Sustainable Financing system in Vanuatu (the Product Stewardship Scheme-PSS) which will enable the collection and recycling of recoverable items and divert them from landfills.  The PSS will provide funding for community clean-up initiatives for recyclable items.