News - Dec 18, 2023 Progressing the ARFD pathway – Release of PacWastePlus “Workbook” Resources

Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit (ARFD) and Product Stewardship Schemes (PSS) are proven ways to increase the recovery of material – incentivising communities to recycle, and providing a self-financing method for governments and recyclers to collect, manage, and export recoverable materials.

Designing ARFD and PSS schemes appropriate for the local context involves multilayered decisions and consideration – there is no one-size-fits-all.  Using evidence-based decision-making, through collecting accurate data and hosting meaningful consultations with all stakeholders, will help design a successful scheme.

The 21-step pathway for scheme design and implementation is a pathway understood and endorsed by Pacific leaders at the 2021 SPREP meeting.

Seeking to assist decision-makers as they progress along the 21-steps, PacWastePlus has recently released “workbook” resources, providing Pacific-specific guidance for each step of the pathway – from completing a pre-feasibility study, gaining political support, to implementing the required systems and infrastructure.

“Designing and implementing a successful, evidence-based ARFD is a multifaceted process, requiring the collection of data, undertaking meaningful stakeholder consultation, and acknowledging and incorporating differing views to make decisions to meet the specific local needs”, says Hilary Boyes, PacWaste Plus Technical Officer. “ It may feel like a daunting process. These workbooks seek to break the process down into logical, manageable steps that decision-makers can work through.”

The 21 ARFD Resources are now available on the PacWastePlus website.