Event - Oct 18, 2021 Launch of the Niue Waste Management Working Group

A multi-ministry Waste Management Working Group has been established in Niue.  This group, comprising stakeholders from the departments of Environment, Project Management Unit, Crown Law, Customs, and Treasury, had their first meeting in late September.

The Waste Management Working Group was established to participate in the design of a Niue Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit scheme, which will enable sustainable self-funded collection and export of household recyclable items and end-of-life electronic waste, providing a long-term alternative to the current practice of disposal and stockpiling.

A multi-ministry approach to the design of such systems is key to ensure that all components are considered, and the scheme is designed appropriately to the Niue context.  The Waste Management Working Group will consider factors such as what items the scheme will include, how the scheme will best fit in the legislative environment, how it will best be managed by Customs, Treasury, and other key stakeholders, and how it can be designed to ensure it is socially inclusive to the Niuean people.

A feasibility study investigating options for an Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit in Niue is currently underway with support from PacWastePlus.  Results from this investigation are expected next month, which will provide the Working Group with a path forward for the implementation of the sustainable financing scheme.