News - Dec 18, 2023 Investigating Sustainable Financing to Improve Recycling in Tonga

The Tongan government has commenced a feasibility study investigating options to introduce a sustainable financing scheme to provide for the collection and management of recyclable materials.

Sustainable financing, or Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit (ARFD) or Product Stewardship Schemes (PSS), are a means to, first, provide economic viability for local recyclers to collect, manage, and export recyclable items.  The schemes also introduce a small financial incentive for community members to return their items for recycling, which can result in social benefits – by providing households the ability to earn an income through the collection of recyclable items.

The Tongan PSS feasibility study is currently underway; the preferred consultant has been selected and the inception meeting will occur over the coming weeks.

PacWastePlus is excited to support Tonga in this important investigation to make evidence-based and informed choices on an appropriate sustainable financing method for the local context.