News - Mar 23, 2022 Integrating Activities – Majuro Integrated Urban Services Improvement Project

The Government of RMI is currently implementing the “Majuro Integrated Urban Services Improvement Project” with support from the Asia Development Bank.

The project seeks to understand, coordinate, and prepare, feasibility studies for proposed solid waste management initiatives for implementation in the atoll nation.

The PacWastePlus Programme is also providing support to the Environmental Protection Agency and Majuro Atoll Waste Company to divert organics and paper/cardboard (combined over 40% of waste to landfill) to a compost facility.

Through the Integrated Urban Services Improvement Project, the Government of RMI can gain a higher value from donor activities by ensuring initiatives are designed holistically and provide links and benefits across activities.

By aligning with the PacWastePlus project, RMI will deliver a cost-effective implementation of an organics collection and processing system, and effective diversion of a significant portion of current waste to landfill.