News - Mar 23, 2022 Fiji Committed to Improving the Management of End-Of-Life Tyres

The Fijian Government is exploring the possibility of using old tyres to lay new roads (Fiji Broadcasting Cooperation (Fiji) Limited article-11th March 2022)

Fiji’s Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum stated that Fiji is looking at replicating roadmaking practices in other countries where rubber is mixed with glass and bitumen.

Mr Khaiyum stated that there is a company that has already identified equipment for this work. Fiji government is also exploring sustainable financing options for tyres by placing a fee of $20 on newly purchased tyres whereby $10 is refunded when tyres are replaced.

A PacWastePlus funded research in 2020 found that 6,706 tonnes of End-of-Life tyres are generated in the Pacific each year. This estimation is based on tyre imports from the UN Comtrade database and stockpile volumes and assuming a life span of 3.4 years for passenger cars and 1.5 for OTR. Fiji is estimated to have the highest End-Of-Life Tyres stockpile in the Pacific at 51, 628 tonnes.

Creating an ELT management system based on economic principles, such as that announced by the Fiji Government is critical for Pacific Island Countries as, without a tyre manufacturer in the region, there is little opportunity for product improvements that would reduce the number of waste tyres created.

There are opportunities to reduce the waste produced, by authorities encouraging and/or providing:

  • improved road surfaces so there is less wear and tear on tyres;
  • education on extending tyre life by monitoring tyre pressure;
  • the practice of re-treading tyres, primarily for commercial use;
  • minimum standards for used tyres being imported by PIC; and information on ELT disposal at point of sale, to encourage responsible decision making by consumers.