News - Dec 20, 2023 Country Mission to PNG Moves Project Activities Forward

A country mission to Papua New Guinea resulted in a series of meetings to prioritise and progress project actions.

The visiting programme team facilitated discussions with the PNG Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) and other relevant stakeholders on project activities focused on planning and crafting references to enable the adoption of a National E-Waste Management Strategy, Asbestos Strategic Plan for long-term management of ACM, enactment of an ACM ban legislation and the revision and formalisation of a National Healthcare Waste Management Policy. Discussions were also held with CEPA and NCDC on coordination efforts to implement a pilot community behaviour change project on improving e-waste management and progressing the project’s national education and awareness plan activities.

Stakeholders that attended the consultations included representatives from PNG Customs Services, the Department of Justice & Attorney General (DJAG), the National Department of Labor & Industry (NDLI), the National Housing Commission (NHC), the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA), National Department of Health (NDoH) and the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).

The visiting team was also invited by the AusAid Partnership Economic & Social Infrastructure Programme (ESIP) where an update was provided on the work of the PacWaste Plus supported project in PNG. Representatives attending the discussions from ESIP expressed interest in healthcare waste management training, as they have a hospital under their authority, and were concerned about waste issues.  There was again tremendous interest in the asbestos work as it is a common problem and cost in the work that ESIP undertake and reiterated an interest to take part in any consultation as it relates to these ACM regulatory documents.

The programme team also facilitated focused discussions with the CEPA, NCDC, project consultants, and NdoH representatives to progress healthcare waste management activities of the country project which also involves healthcare waste management training and capacity building. A series of pilot trainings have been proposed in 10 provinces to progress in early 2024. Discussions also focused on the healthcare waste management policy and guidelines which the project is supporting to update and revise.




A site visit was made to Total Waste Management (TWM) where synergies were discussed, and an update was provided on the programme-supported activities being implemented in PNG. TWM voiced much interest in the national waste management policy that CEPA was engaged in endorsing.  TWM has built an “inert HAZMAT facility” for the disposal of solid HAZMAT, including ACM, that is consistent with international standards.  A number of TWM personnel have been trained consistent with Australian standards for ACM abatement and were encouraged to attend the upcoming consultation on the ACM Code of Practice. TWM expressed interest in the E-Waste national strategy moving forward.

A courtesy call was also made to the European Union delegation based in PNG  where the programme team provided a brief overview of project action progress. The EU representative thanked the visiting team for the progress update and expressed appreciation for the updates and opportunities for collaboration and coordination on activities.

The programme will continue to work closely with relevant ministries, departments, and stakeholders to enhance hazardous waste management through the development of national strategies and regulations, and build capacity and community awareness, to help PNG achieve environmental, economic, social, and health benefits.


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