News - Jun 12, 2022 Cabinet Endorsement of Sustainable Financing

Niue has a new recycling transfer facility under construction which will provide for the collection and management of household recyclables, e-waste, and bulky waste.

The Department of Environment understands that the effective long-term management of these waste streams will only be realised with a regular financing mechanism to fund the processing and, importantly, export of the items off Niue to overseas recycle facilities.

The solution is seen as the implementation of a Sustainable Financing system, an Advanced Recovery Fee and Deposit Regulation, and backing legislation, a Solid Hazardous Waste Act.

The first step in developing the legislation is to ensure political buy-in for the new legislation and support from the legal team at Crown Law.  The Department of Environment has hosted stakeholder meetings and presented at Niue Cabinet meetings.  The Niue Cabinet have provided their support and endorsement for the legislation.

The Department of Environment has requested PacWastePlus programme support to undertake legislative activities.

Further consultation activities, system design, and legal drafting will commence soon.