News - Dec 19, 2022 Asbestos Management Activities Progress in Tonga

The programme in coordination with the Tonga based National officer, country focal point at the Department of Environment and stakeholders continue to progress Asbestos management activities in Tonga. PacWastePlus has engaged consultants who are working closely with the team on developing the Asbestos Code of Practice for Tonga.

The national officer is also providing information on Environment and Waste Regulation enforcement and waste inspections held in Tonga which is applicable to implementing the Asbestos Code of Practice in Tonga. Additional action being implemented in Tonga include conducting a Case Study on Asbestos Containing Material Disposal process at Tapuhia Landfill.

This is to collect ACM disposal data, total number/volume of ACM removal in buildings in Tonga including the outer island groups, information from past reports and project involving hazardous waste disposal at Tapuhia Landfill. The case study on ACM disposal process at the landfill is to identify the best practices for ACM disposal at the Landfill including options to establishment of a separate cell for ACM disposal.