Niue Project Profile – Sustainable Management of Waste in Niue: Advance Recovery Deposit and Fee and E-waste Management

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Items are imported into Niue in growing numbers, but there are currently limited viable options for their end-of-life management and/or export. As such, most items imported are disposed of at the dumpsites or stockpiled on vacant land. Electronic waste stockpiles, in particular, are increasing and resulting in increased pollution and health risks to Niue people. The priority for Niue is to introduce a financially sustainable system to enable the long-term collection, management, and export of recyclable and end-oflife electronic items, utilising the new Recycle Facility (funded by the Government of Australia).

The Niue Department of Environment seeks to focus their PacWastePlus investment to: 1) support the implementation of a Sustainable Financing system (known as the Advance Recovery Fee and Deposit - ARFD) 2) support the establishment of an electronic waste dismantling center to enable processing and export of electronic wast
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