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The Palau project implemented by the Solid Waste Management Division of the Bureau of Public Works and the Environment Quality Protection Board (EQPB) seeks to introduce an effective management programme for End-of-Life Tyres (EOLT). The project will establish a legal framework to effectively regulate tyre importation and establish a national standard to ensure long-lasting tyres are imported for use in the country, as well as provide practical uses for the EOLT currently stockpiled.

Project Description

Current Situation
End of Life Tyres are expensive to send overseas for environmentally sound management and there are no in-country reuse options for End-of-Life Tyres in Palau. This has resulted in illegal dumping and stockpile of EOLT in the country. An audit of Palau’s waste stream in 2019, identified 13,739m³ of EOLT stockpiled in the country which included 100m³ of shredded tyres.

What is the Palau project About?
Palau will utilise PacWastePlus investment to establish a recovery programme in Palau to process End-of-Life Tyres EOLT given the high cost of exporting EOLT for Environmental sound management. Activities will include:
• Design of a waste management system that will support local authorities in the management of EOLT in Palau.
• Establish a national tyre importation standard and determine an environmentally sound management system for EOLT in Palau.
• Introduction of a legal framework to allow for the collection and repurposing of End- of -Life tyres
• Facilitate training for local officers to build in-country capacity in the operationalisation of the EOLT management system designed and enforcement of the new legal framework.

Future Situation
Palau seeks to have an effective and self-funding solution for the collection and repurposing of End-Of-Life tyres in the country.

Project resources

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